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Accueil - Welcome

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The Club does not have its own golf course but travels to play in some of the best golf courses in Belgium and abroad. You will find here information on the development of our Club: membership, competitions, rules and more...

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Challenge de Printemps Seniors 2017 de l'AFG


For the 3rd time, the EUGC will participate to this challenge, and for the 3rd time, I'll be the captain of the EUGC team.


And for the 3rd time, I'd like to invite you, as senior (born in 1967 or before), to participate to this challenge.


The challenge in summary:


(1) 5 qualifying rounds on 13 & 27 March, 10 & 24April and 2 May, followed by 3 final rounds for the qualified clubs on 15 & 29 May and 12 June.


(2) Every player, Belgian or foreigner, is entitled to participate provided he/she:

- is member of the EUGC and member of a golf club affiliated to the AFG. Therefore, if you decide to play the challenge for your home club, then you cannot play the challenge for the EUGC, or vice-versa;

- must have a handicap corresponding to the categories indicated below;

- is in order of cotisation with the FRBG, and in possession of a federal card. NB: special cases, such as members of several golf clubs or players residing in foreign countries, will be submitted to the AFG before being authorized to participate.


(3) Every player must be born in 1967 or before. Ladies tees is "red" and Men's tees is "yellow".


(4) Each participating club will align 4 teams composed with 2 players each, mixt or not as followed:

- 1st category: exact hcp up to 12.4

- 2nd category: exact hcp 12.5 => 18.4

- 3rd category: exact hcp 18.5 => 24.4

- 4th category: exact hcp 24.5 => 30.4

The hcp taken into account will be the exact hcp of each player upon subscription to each competition. Players with higher hcp than in their category will play under the maximum hcp of their category.


(5) the names of the golf courses for the qualifying rounds are not yet available. The 1/4 final round on 15 May will be played in Royal Waterloo GC. The 1/2 final round on 29 May will be played in Naxhelet GC. The final and consolation round on 12 June will be played in Golf Chateau La Tournette.


(6) Each team will play a 4BBB match play on 18 holes with 90% of the hcp difference of the players in each category.


For further details on the Challenge's rules, please consult, then click on Competitions, Seniors, Challenge de Printemps AFG, etc.


If you are interested in playing the Challenge de Printemps Seniors 2017 AFG with the EUGC, please send an e-mail HERE, indicating your full name, your fédéral number, your exact hcp, your home club, and - very important - the dates you'll be available to play.


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We are delighted to welcome :


• Jan BOTERBERG (BE, Commission)

• Augusto BURGUENO ARJONA (ES, Commission)

• Hugues DESMEDT (BE)

• Victor LOSADA GONZALEZ (ES, Commission)

• Cornel BARBU (IRL)


• Joaquin PEREZ ECHAGUE (ES, Commission)

• Risto RAIVIO (FIN, Commission)

• Kaija RAIVIO (FIN)

• Emilio RODRIGUEZ CASTRO (ES, Commission)

• Manuel VALDIVIA BENZAL (ES, Commission)

• Patrick VENTURINI (FR)

• Filip VERCRUYSSE (BE, Commission)


In memoriam... Werner WOBBE † 18.02.2016


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