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The EUGC Committee has 6 permanent members:

President: M. C. EHLERS

Vice-President: M. F. VERCRUYSSE

Secretary: MM. C. JACQUES

Treasury/Ladies: Mrs H. COLLINS

Captain/Mens and seniors: M. M. DUPON

Members Representative: M. E. RODRIGUEZ


Christian Ehlers, President of the EUGC.

How did I get infected with the golf virus? Many years ago, I discovered accidentally the CNBC weekly summaries of the US PGA tour and I was fascinated by the question how anybody could propel a golf ball with such precision towards a ridiculous small target with instruments singularly ill designed for that purpose (W. S. Churchill). The answer seemed obvious: It’s  dead easy. Even I could do it! . . . And ever since I am struggling to admit that this is not the case - encouraged to persevere by the exceptional well struck ball.

I have seen the EUGC from many angles: as a ordinary members, as a member of the committee, as a treasurer and as a secretary. Since I joined the committee it’s principle objective never changed: to make your club membership a pleasant experience. If you have questions or suggestions, please contact one of the committee members. If we can, we will help. Enjoy your EUGC membership and if you appreciate what you found, spread the news!


Filip Vercruysse, Vice-President of the EUGC.

Playing my first official competition in 2015 on October 9, I realised that golf might become a part of my life. Since that day I enjoy the thrill of playing competitions and dealing with the pressure.

Where beating the course is my outdoor challenge, I accepted to join the EUGC committee where my challenge lies in up to date communication, hence our new website and INPLAY Newsletter.


As a golfer I enjoy the company of other players. There’s always something you can learn, or even something to teach. Nobody’s perfect, so why should your swing be ? Try to have fun on the course and try to be an example for others. Feel free to contact me, make suggestions, come up with ideas or buy me a drink in the clubhouse ...

As I said, golf should be fun !



Helen Collins is responsible for the EUGC ladies.

An avid golfer since 2000, I joined the EUGC in 2010 when I returned to Brussels after a few years in Edinburgh. In addition to my duties as treasurer, I am also responsible for the Ladies’ Section and keeping members abreast of newcomers to the Club.

Golf can be infuriating and demoralising and even downright humiliating! But on those memorable occasions when everything goes your way, it’s magic! So, try not to let anger and frustration infest your round. Instead, just enjoy being out in nature, in pleasant company, with a good time on the 19th hole to look forward to. Play well, play fair and play by the rules!   


Michel Dupon is our Club captain and responsable for the Men and SENIOR sections.

“As soon as I started playing golf in 2002 when posted in the EU Délégation in NYC, I gave up all other sports I usted to practice until the (mainly tennis and suba driving).

Today, I must admit that I’m addicted to golf, and that most of my activities are in connection with golf. I enjoy the spirit around this sport and also the travelling possibilities that playing golf offer to me. In particular, I find great pleasure and interest in playing with others, in respecting the golf courses, the nature,...and of course in respecting the rules of golf and etiquette.

I also notice that whilst playing golf with the EUGC, our members have an opportunity to play the best golf courses,...which provide our members to reach a genuine golf handicap.

Please respect the Rules of Golf and étiquette,...and enjoy the game !”


Emilio Rodriguez Castro, our Members representative.

"At 15 I played soccer, at 25 I played tennis, at 35 I played golf ...

Inspired by Nick Faldo, Seve Ballesteros, Bernhard Langer, ... I wanted to try golf too.

Since then, I hit my driver, I hit the irons and I hit the putter ... without problems or almost.

Member of the EUGC Golf Club since the 90s, I am proud to be part of the committee today. If you have a special request to make or a wish to send as a member of the club, you can contact me, since I am your "Members representative".

And do not forget, golf is an excellent game for everyone: man or woman, fit or not, young or old. The best thing to do is just try. Book an initiation session you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Chantal Jacques, Secretary of the EUGC.

I touched my first iron in the seventies in London.  It was such a disaster that my friend took it from my hands after having replaced my enormous divot and we went for a drink.  I forgot about golf for many years till the end of the eighties when my neighbour and colleague told me he had started playing in the US and found it rather pleasant.  He insisted and I actually took my first lesson in September 1991 and then I got hooked. At the end of the nineties, I have discovered the EUGC and really enjoyed the formulae of playing different courses.

I joined the committee in 1999 and became secretary of the club in 2000.  In 2006 Christian replaced me as the secretary but I have always remained active in the committee. In 2018, I have accepted to re-enlist for the job of secretary.  I do my best to accommodate your playing desiderata. Don’t forget, it is well known that a bad day on the golf course is better than a good day at the office...


Meet our Honorary President

When I was young, playing golf had always been a dream of mine.  Although I’d practised quite a bit, I waited until I joined the Commission to start playing. Professionally, I spent most of my career at DG Transport and retired at the end of 2017.


My first complete season with the European Union Golf Club was in 1995. I joined the Committee in 2005 and four years later was elected President of the Club. I also became a member at l'Empereur, my home club, 17 years ago.


Playing with the EUGC has always been a pleasure, giving me the possibility not only to discover most of the Belgian clubs but also to challenge my golf on various courses. The variety of courses played during these years gave me experience but also confidence and I continuously improved my handicap.


I'm sure that all of you will take advantage of and pleasure in playing golf in such a pleasant atmosphere.   


I wish you all the best. Enjoy the game and the Club.




The Club does not have its own golf course but travels to play in some of the best golf courses in Belgium and abroad.


President: M. C. EHLERS

Vice-President: M. F. VERCRUYSSE

Secretary: MM. C. JACQUES

Treasury/Ladies: Mrs H. COLLINS

Captain/Mens and seniors: M. M. DUPON

Members Representative: M. E. RODRIGUEZ




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